Youth Theater, Comedy-on-Main, Barbershop Quartet, Poetry Readings,

Frank Sinatra, Opera, Community Events….When was the last time you were at Trinity-on-Main?

If you haven’t been to Trinity-on-Main (T-O-M) lately you’d be surprised at the changes. Renovations have been completed to most of the first floor spaces, over the summer months plush seating will transform the theater.

Much work has been done and there is much yet to do. If you are a regular visitor to T-O-M you know Trinity-on-Main is filled with great spaces that are un-inhabitable due to their current condition.  These spaces are not just dusty and dirty.  Plaster and paint separate from the walls, tiles fall from theceilings, and the beautiful stained glass windows need to be repaired and restored. As TOM begins to realize its potential as a premiere arts, cultural and community space, the electrical, stage lighting and audio/visual have to be updated and we need your help. 

TOM is more that just walls and a roof. Trinity United Methodist Church was saved and Trinity-on-Main, Ltd. established to serve as a cultural center for the advancement of the arts, to foster cultural diversity, to encourage community revitalization and to aid in the economic development of downtown New Britain. No matter where your interests lay - architecture, historic preservation, the performing arts or the history of New Britain, your donation to Trinity-on-Main means work on the building can continue as well as the work being done to foster positive and enriching cross-cultural experiences among greater New Britain’s diverse population.